Effective ML & AI solutions

We build, engineer and run predictive software services and APIs using data science, machine learning and LLMs

Our software services and APIs

Demand planning & sale forecasting

Software service for large e-commerce businesses and retail chains which uses machine learning to forecast sales and optimise stock distribution among retail stores and warehouses. Read case study →

Personalized product recommendations

Personalized product recommender for e-commerce web sites which uses real-time Bayes nets to display relevant recommended products for e-shop visitors.

Price elasticity modeling

Software service which automatically suggests product price movements to improve profit by using statistical price and demand elasticity models. Suitable for large e-commerce stores with large amounts of orders and page-views.

Custom client projects

Multi-label text tag prediction with LLMs

Multi-class and multi-label prediction of tags for text data. We've performed finetuning of pre-trained Large Language Models to create a number of classifiers for prediction of various category tags and values. Read case study →

Binary text classification using LLMs

We've performed benchmarking of statistical NLP approach compared to LLM fine-tuning approach for a task of short text binary classification.

Statistical sale likelihood model

API for predicting likelihood of sales for products based on signals from related product items. Using signals such as availability, on-line user interactions and sales of distinct items, we can predict likelihood of sales for a chosen product.

Visual product search

API for automatic product identification in end-user camera photos. Fast lookups in a database of hundreds of thousands of distinct products were implemented using coarse-to-fine image hash searches over a stack of increasing image resolutions.

Warehouse batch picking and routing optimisation

API for computing optimal path routes for batch picking time optimisation in a retailer's warehouse, which is built on shortest path graph algorithms.

IoT real-time sensor data collection

Custom embedded device backend development including full OS management, integrating custom sensor APIs, storing real-time sensor data and complete remote device Dev-Ops.

PPC Ad analytics

UI and 3rd party API integrations to fetch, compute and display various PPC statistics and metrics. Data connectors to marketing platforms (Google, Facebook) and E-commerce on-line store and shipping solution platforms.

Some of our references


“The customer support service of the Algopine team is professional and timely. They’ve accommodated all of our requests and queries quickly and always provided detailed guidance and help. Algopine team goes beyond mere customer support; they proactively seek and recommend ways to improve our practice and results.”
“I’ve noticed a dramatic spike in our same-day order fulfillment ratio just few days after fully integrating the Algopine API predictions in our processes. This improvement was so prominent, that for a moment I thought we had wrong numbers in our analytics dashboard. After confirming with our sale director, the spike was indeed directly trackable to our recent Algopine Sale Forecasting API integration.”


“We’ve been working with the Algopine software for a few years now, and it has completely changed the way we manage our inventory between our distribution centres and stores. The software is incredibly user-friendly and has streamlined many of our processes, saving both time and resources. Working with Tomas has been an absolute pleasure; he is responsive, reliable, and honest, always going above and beyond to ensure our needs are met. His capability and dedication to our business’s success and satisfaction are truly unmatched. I cannot recommend Algopine highly enough to any business seeking an efficient and effective inventory management solution.”

Private, retail client

“The team behind this app is absolutely amazing! I asked them for multiple customisations and each and every time they completed my requests within 24 hours. Some of my requests were out of scope for this app and yet they were always willing to help me find a solution. I am honestly blown away and highly recommend!”